Friday, November 23, 2007

All quiet on the western front

We had a lovely Thanksgiving Day with my coworker and partner-in-crime Ethel and her family as well as our friends Jeff and Moira. Ethel's 10-year-old daughter, Twyla, rather attached herself to Guy, constantly threatening to tickle him when he would steal her ball of tin foil away. For some reason, the child made a ball of tin foil out of the foil that covered all the food in the oven, and it took on such a life of its own that Guy and I had to hug it goodbye at the end of the evening (which looked even funnier than it sounds). Guy (who's 6'-0" tal and 205 lbs) put on Twyla's little light blue jacket (she's 4'-8" and about 80 lbs) and started imitating her, at which point she grabbed a pillow, stuffed it under her sweatshirtlike she had a post-Thanksgiving tummy, and began imitating Guy. Holy crap, I wish I'd had a camcorder for that moment. Ethel and I nearly wet ourselves laughing.

They sent us home with leftovers, which we've safely stashed in the fridge, and now it's off to Estes Park for a few days. I hope everyone out there safely enjoys whatever time off you can get this weekend.

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