Friday, April 11, 2008

Busy day

We went out to Wheatlands today--Howie, the engineers, the contractors, and me--to walk through the facility for the 11-month walk. Most contractors provide a one year warranty on all their work at a building, and so they walk through the building with the owner and meet with them to see if anything is still not working and needs fixing a month before the warranty is over. That way, they can fix everything possible, the warranty expires, then everyone's (hopefully) happy. So we spent a while going through the list and walking through the building. Meanwhile, we've got to get up early tomorrow and fly to a wedding in Kansas City for a cousin of Guy's on Saturday evening, then fly back on Sunday. Feh. Remember, Guy and I hate weddings so much that we barely made our own. Regardless, we're packing our nice suits and a toothbrush and putting on our happy faces for the weekend.


ms. kitty said...

Good luck on flying to KC! Hope you're not flying American or Frontier.

St. Blogwen said...

Hope the weather behaves and Kansas City is bright and beautiful and boulevardy for you!

faded said...

Well how is the building doing after it's first year? Are the hospital's facility engineers keeping up with the work of maintaining the building?

Does the building still look good?