Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm being evicted from my house

Well, not exactly, but it makes for a funny post title. Here's the story: back in March, when she was visiting for Spring Break, my sister bought tickets to come visit me in mid-October for her Fall Break, and I was all yayz! I also suggested that Baxtersmum might join us that weekend as well, and she was amenable to the notion. Moar yayz!

Last week, Guy emails me and asks when Kitty's coming out. I gave him the dates, and then the little hamster in the wheel of my mind started spinning: why ever did he ask that? I also reminded myself to ask him when we got home if he minded if Baxtersmum came out to visit as well. I thought I should give him a few months' advance notice so that I could pitch in for her a hotel room if he put his foot down.

Turns out I was the one in for a surprise. "This year is ten years since we all got outta college," said Guy in the car on the way home. "All the guys are coming out for the CU-Kansas State game."
"How many is 'all the guys'?"I asked
"So far about seven," Guy replied.
"Seven?! When are they coming?".
"The same weekend your sister will be here."
"They're not staying at our house!"
"We'll see...."
No, there is no we'll see, I thought, because Kitty booked her shit back in March.

Guy extended an olive branch a few days later with the suggestion that Kitty and I get a hotel room downtown for the weekend, seeing as how a) all the fun girly stuff is downtown, and b) we're probably not gonna want to hang out with the boys anyway. I said well maybe, except c) I'm a little pissed that I'm being temporarily evicted from my own house, and d) Kitty booked her shit way in advance. Guy countered with e) he'd pay for a night at the Hotel Monaco, which ain't cheap. I countered with f) okay, deal.

Last night, Guy and I went to our friends' Jeff and Moira's house for a cookout. Guy and Jeff went to K-State together, and it turns out that three of the seven friends will stay at the Happy Kitten Highrise, and four will stay at Jeff and Moira's house about 15 minutes from downtown. Guy mentioned to Jeff that he was getting Kitty and me a hotel room, and Moira nearly fell to her knees in front of me.

"Ohmygodohmygodohmygod take me with you!!!" she begged. "I cannot be in this house with all those mouthbreathing troglodytes!" I welcomed her in--if any of my sistaz shouldn't be stuck in a house full of overgrown teenagers, it's Moira.

This afternoon, I emailed Baxtersmum about the sitch--three girls in their early-to-mid-30s gathering away from the madding, PBR-drinking crowd, getting manicures and having a pajama party in downtown Denver, and was she still interested? Bax responded with a hell yes and even promised to bring out the B-Dawg. If this gets any better, my head will explode.

I mentioned to Guy todey that we now have four. His response: "See, now you're making it hard. You're not gonna get Moira to share a room with anyone, and you're not gonna find a suite that can sleep four."

First of all, yes I am--Denver is full of suites and even all-suite hotels who are giving away rooms in Denver during October because it's too early to get the ski crowds and too late to get the hikers in town. Second of all, please stop pissing on my popsicle. If you're going to have a dude-like weekend, then I get a girly-ass weekend, so bite me. Third, if Moira doesn't like our accommodations, she can either suck it up and deal with it or go do her own thing or fly back east to visit her sister. Either way, there's no major stress here.

Kitty's flying in well before the weekend, so she and I will get a couple of sister days before we convene on the hotel, and I'm sure everyone will want/ need some alone time for the weekend. Denver's good for that. So, nyeh, Guy. Nyeh!


BaxtersMum said...

we are going to ROCK. and Guy is just jealous because he will be forced to spend the weekend with farting, nosing picking TROLLS whereas, if he had stuck to the plan, some fabulous wimmens would be cooing over what a great hubby he is.


Speaking of - any of these boys coming to town cute+single+rich? Because hellloooooo....

I want to shop shop shop. And snooze. And eat...mmmm...eating.

can't wait!! Me and the B-dawg will be rocking some rocky mountain high!

St. Blogwen said...

A flat full of futsbawl-rabid K-Straighters! O noes!!! Flee!! Fleeeeee!!