Sunday, November 16, 2008

Remiss, but for a good cause

I haven't posted lately because I've been busy, and by busy I mean doing actual stuff, as opposed to just procrastinating or not feeling like posting.  I spent most of last week working on the presentation with Bosley, which we did on Friday, and when I wasn't working on the presentation, I was cleaning the house.  Guy's office party was Saturday, and then this morning we had a couple of his coworkers over for a post-office party brunch.  So we had to scrub the place and prep for brunch in precious little time, what with me being busy and Guy being out of town at a site visit/user group meeting for three days.  More to come about these event, and more, in the coming days.  Meanwhile, I'm going to go lay down and read with Maddy, who has been in hiding due to all the commotion.    

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Miss Kitty said...

Still, you should've fixed them some grits. Whose brunch IS this, anyway? :-P