Friday, August 14, 2009

Some good architecture and design (and just plain fun) websites

I know, I know I need to update my website link sidebar thingy on my blog here, but I thought I'd highlight a few sites before I go burying them in the sidebar.

First, I have to give a mad crazy shoutout to James Lileks, a writer for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, is freaking. hilarious. A journalist with a more-than-passing interest in architecture and graphic arts, his website is a wonderful, wonderful place to waste time looking at the postcards for diners and motels from the 1940s-1960s, made better only by his hilarious captions and comments. The blog also includes snarky/funny/fantastic commentary on old comic book covers, pages from a 1973 Sears catalog, matchbooks, old advertisements disguised as ads...I can't say enough good things about his website. Lileks' books are also very funny. I checked out Gastroanomalies from the library and kept showing the pictures to Guy and reading the captions, and we hurt ourselves laughing. The guy is a really good writer, and not just a funny one--somewhere on his site is a series of essays that he wrote as his mother passed away at home from cancer, and it moved me to sobs and tears. Brilliant writing, brilliant guy.

Also brilliant (and an actual architect) is Eric of S7g Architects over at his blog, where he waxes philosophical on McMansions and dealing with disaster relief housing as well as mocking Prince Charles' affection for NeoClassical Revival architecture. Eric also includes links on interesting projects and competitions that are going on, such as a recent one regarding how to retrofit suburbia. To be fair, I know Eric personally, but he writes much better about architecture than I do--I mostly bitch about it.

Speaking of architecture, Lulu Brown (another local architect whom I know personally) over at Intern 101 shares her insight on the ins and outs of getting out of college, being an intern, and getting licensed. She talks about everything from dress code to saving for retirement (a recent post) to the difference between your job and your career. To her credit, her blog is way less snarky than mine, and probably more useful.

Speaking of career, Steve Roesler over at All Things Workplace gives me a several-times-a-week dose of good job, career, and even personal advice. He recently won a Best Leadership Blog of 2009 award, and with good reason: Steve has coached dozens if not hundreds of managers from some pretty high-powered places and shares with all of us the great lessons (and horror stories) of working with these folks. It's good stuff and always food for thought.

And finally, because I do love snarkolepsy, Randall Munroe is an engineer who does some of the most hilarious stick figure comics at his site xkcd. Recently he did a takeoff on those "the most interesting man in the world" commercials that was good enough to make Guy laugh. Also, for those of you who love to stick it to The Man, he is the genius behind writing this check to Verizon for a bill that they insisted he pay. God, I love nerds.

Anyway, enjoy some new sites, and tell me in the comments: what new website or blog have you started going to that you're absolutely loveing these days?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug. I also enjoy the xkcd website, particularly the comic titled 1,000 Miles North (

St. Blogwen said...

You are terrible! I was going to go to bed early tonight, I tell you, early!

(And don't be fooled by the time stamp. It's two hours later here.)

Miss Kitty said...

No new fave blogs here, sadly. :-( But the ones you listed are a lot of fun.

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