Friday, October 23, 2009

What inspires you?

I hinted at this in my last post, but I'm more fully realizing that living in the built world leaves me inspired at every turn. An artfully-arranged Lanvin dress, a sparkly logo on a business card on Etsy, a strange and haunting photo from an abandoned psychiatric all moves me and makes me think, makes me write a story in my head or riff on their idea or whatever.

This weekend, I'll be taking some digital snapshots of things I find interesting or inspiring and post them next week. In the meantime, what inspires you to create or think differently?


Miss Kitty said...

--Interesting colors, patterns, textures of kittehs' fur
--Old-fashioned plants (daffodils, irises, delicately-colored rambling roses, spider lilies) that pop up from nowhere, in the middle of nowhere, telling me that a house and its people once lived and breathed on this spot
--Students' interesting clothing combinations
--October shadows and light through pine trees as the sun sets
--Spending time walking through new neighborhoods with my sister and best friend, PIXIE! :-)

CivilGuyDC said...

I'll tell you what about the built environment doesn't inpire me:
Motion-sensing urinals that activate too early, and water fountains that never activate!

(Not really an architects problem but you guys specify 'em!)