Monday, January 4, 2010

It's 2010 and we're hitting the ground running.

While I was out of the office, I got an email from a client looking for some clean plans of their emergency department so that they can recommence their plans to remodel it. Evidently, the project that was slated to happen last year got put off for a while and is now back. I can only hope that I get to work on this. Since TCMC finally went out last year (while I was in Georgia), I'm back to not having a whole heckuva lot to do. Well, there's some stuff to do for Sven, I presume, as one of our projects with him had come back online. But we got the call to have that re-kick-off meeting on the Thursday that I was gone (because of the whole 36-hour/week thing plus having to use all my vacation), and the meeting was possibly for the very next day (when I cold only work a half-day) or for the next week (when I was in Georgia), and I'm thinking "This project has been moving at glacial speed all year and now you want to kick butt and take names, the week before Christmas? Really?"

It seems like architecture work is feast or famine. There's little or nothing to be done, and then suddenly just as we're all accepting that things are going to be quiet, BAM! we've got more than we can handle. Yes, it's better than never being busy at all, but still.... It would be a lie to say that I haven't thought about work one bit for the past few weeks that I've been on vacation/furlough. Every couple of days, it pops up in my head that I've got stuff to fix or things to do or need to find stuff to do or need to call that guy or whatever. And I still haven't had my review with Howie yet. I've been pondering how to handle that. I presume that I'm doing a decent job since I'm still employed, but the fact that it's a crappy time to be unemployed isn't any kind of reason to act like a jerk to your employees. So I'm turning over the best way to have that conversation in my head.

At any rate, here's hoping that 2010 will be a little less painful than the preceding two years, and here's to the fantasticness to come.

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Miss Kitty said...

That IS kinda dumb to have the kickoff meeting the week before Christmas when they've been dragging ass all year. Weird. Hope you didn't miss anything important. Maybe you missed something impotent. :-P

My word verification is "hotee." LULZ!