Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Memorial Day, from Mile High Pixie and a graveyard kitteh

This kitteh was hanging out in the shade in the St. Louis Graveyard #1 in New Orleans when we visited a few weeks ago. It seemed semi-feral; not afeared of us hoomanz, but not really into being snuggied (rly, sry, Miss Kitty). I snapped this photo and traipsed on to look at more dead people, which seems to be one of my hobbies when on vacation or out of town in any capacity.

I got back from presenting at an industry conference in NOLA to find that there was a lot to do before our user group meetings on the Uber MOB for Gestalt. So after only really about two days off (two were spent at the conference), I pulled a 7-day workweek and had some pretty decent meetings. That leaves us with one month to finish DDs for Uber MOB, which is going to be pretty damn tight.

But alas, 'tis Memorial Day weekend, when we remember and give thanks to all those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. So, I'm going to go to brunch, then to a Rockies game with Guy (where we shall see if his beloved Cardinals can get revenge for the 15-4 drubbing they received last night from the Rox), and then go home and hug my beloved Cardinals-loving veteran and thank him for being brave enough to join the armed forces in the first place. May you all enjoy a moment's rest and thanks this weekend!

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Miss Kitty said...

YAYZ! Thanks for serving, Guy.

I thought you two were going camping or something? Or did you decide to stay hoamkthx and tweak non-appreciative triangular ears? >^..^<