Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Reflections on Yellowstone

Pool from a geyser/spring at Mammoth Hot Springs, northeast portion of Yellowstone National Park

We're finally back from a week in Yellowstone National Park. First of all, if you haven't been to Yellowstone, and you like seeing amazing things, then get off your ass. Every time you turn around in YNP, you say the same thing: "Oh my God, did you see that? That's amazing! Take a picture!" By the end of the week, Guy and I were almost sick of carrying our cameras around, but you didn't dare leave the sonofabitch in the cabin, because you'd miss something else amazing. I don't mean that sarcastically. I mean, it's like going to the Moss Isley Cantina of Amazing and Beautiful Natural Wonders, and you dare not miss a one.

I'll post more later, as I'm trying to a) play catch-up at work and b) figure out how best to post about the week in smaller, digestible bits over the course of the next few weeks. The most important thing from the whole week was that Guy and I spent six truly relaxing, healing, wonderful days together/alone in YNP. We hiked probably 6-10 miles a day while there, saw some of the most unbelievable sights, and spent what I think experts mean when they say "quality time." No TVs (anywhere), no phone, no internet. Just us and nature. (And lots of cars and some other people, but not bad--it was the week before Labor Day, so all the kids were gone. It was just us and the old people and the foreign tourists. God, at the Germans in the park.) We went to bed and got up with the sun, which might be some of the most sleep I've gotten in...months? years? It was really relaxing.

And fun. Guy and I made up some pretty ridiculous stuff, some of which will hopefully translate into the blog. Phrases such as "jealousy stop" and "knock-kneed prairie dog" shan't leave our lexicon anytime soon. And we laughed and had a few good drinks, ate well, slept pretty well, and toured well. Plus, the whole weekend was fairly affordable; it was way less than flying anywhere, and of course camping as well as bringing food for breakfast and lunch saved us a bunch. So, a good time was had by all.

I'll post more later. Just gotta get my head back in my project, as well as revel in the fact that we asked for and were given two more weeks of time before our deadline. Score!


Miss Kitty said...

O YAYZ! Can't wait to see the photos. Especially those of chipmunks. CHIBBIK LULZ!

ms. kitty said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous time! I love Yellowstone too and have had some wonderful experiences there. Welcome back, Pixie.

scarlett said...

welcome home home home!!

Next trip - Zion/North Rim, ok????

Or Vegas!

I have been to Jellystone several times. I like it, but I like Teton better.