Monday, January 16, 2012

Newty B Goode, 1946-1997

Today is 15 years since my father died. I don't suppose I have anything original to say about losing a parent, and I don't have anything new to say since the last time I thought about him being gone, which was probably about...yesterday. It's nearly every day that something reminds me that he's gone. Christmas reminds me of that fact, especially, and then the new year doesn't really begin for me until January 17th. So today, I'll have a glass of wine at the end of yet another busy day and think of all that Dad has missed. Though for all I know, he's been watching the whole time.

I love you, Dad.


ms. kitty said...

Thinking about you and Miss K today, Pixie.

Miss Kitty said...

...the new year doesn't really begin for me until January 17th.

Wonderfully put. Hadn't thought about it until you wrote it here, but early January is pretty crummy (and I forget why every year). But after the 16th, I feel better and the new year can finally commence for real.


scarlett said...

Janury 17th is my birfday.
Coincidence? I think NOT!

sending you hugs. See you and that stud muffin you live with soon. My job sucks. So I'm drinking more. Hope you can keep up. :)

much love from Vegas,
Me, and the B-dawg.t