Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Visual Inspiration: Look, just take it off our hands

This bank was built after 2001, and not even ten years later it was vacant.

Wonder what they planned to do with it?  Sell it? Rent it out?

Maybe both?  "Look, man, you can buy this building off us, you can lease it, whatever.  Just take it, man."

I've been seeing a fair amount of "Price Reduced" and "Make An Offer" signs outside of buildings and houses lately around Denver.  I think the market is still a little meh, but people just want to get on with their lives.  Even our neighbor in my condo building moved across the country and is letting her unit go into foreclosure.  I know she's been having money problems for a while, and I bet she's ready to make a clean break and move on.  I can't say I blame her, and I don't blame the company that owns this bank building either for wanting to unload it by any means necessary.

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