Wednesday, April 10, 2013

GracieWatch 2013: I have no need for your bourgeois bandages

Neither do I have a need for your so-called "cone". I'm a busy kitteh...busy looking cute and batting my bandage around on the floor.

By the end of Monday, Gracie had peeled off her bandage and starting batting it around in the floor like a toy mouse. Shortly thereafter, she peeled her Cone of Shame off and threw it across the room. I was going to leave it on her, but she couldn't get through the cat door to the litter boxes. I've left the cone off of her for 36 hours, and so far she's left her mouth alone. She's snoozy and sweet and is doing okay with her meds.  She also looks surprisingly normal, even with part of her lower jaw missing. 

More updates to come. Thanks everyone for the good wishes!


Miss Kitty said...

What a sweet, silly, floofy girl! Hope she's still doing OK. >^..^<

WG esq said...