Thursday, March 22, 2007

Back from the wilds of Wheatlands

My landscape architect, Dash, and I went out to Wheatlands today, so at least I had some good company to ride three and a half hours each way. Dash originally went to architecture school and did what I do now for a while before going back to school to become a landscape architect. This is a good thing for me because Dash better understands what I'm trying to do indoors and with the exterior of the building, so he can make the landscape become almost an exterior "room" for the building. He has impeccable taste in clothes, furniture, plants, and catty comments. He's a hoot, to say the least.

My building is gorgeous, but y'all already knew that. Punchlist time is coming up for all of April, which will make me a busy little pixie for the next two months. Punchlist is the process of (usually) the architect walking through the building and making notes on the condition of the building: dings in the walls, incomplete wall base, paint scratched off of a door frame, plastic laminate not fully adhered to the countertop, insufficient water pressure in toilets or sinks, cabinet doors not closing completely or hanging unevenly when closed, etc. We walk room by room and check everything, putting a colored sitcker or piece of blue painting/masking tape by things that need to be corrected. From the looks of the building today, my punchlists in April and early May should be pretty short. That building is in fantastic shape.

I'm vascillating between two different Details of the Week tomorrow. One has political implications but would also be more interesting. I'll have to think it over and decide Friday evening which to do....


The Wandering Author said...

Political implications? Now you've got me intrigued... Please don't leave it there. As a 'cat person', you must understand the true meaning of "curiosity killed the cat" - unsatisfied curiosity is fatal to the feline. And I have a good helping of cat genes. ;-D

vic said...

I vote for BOTH.