Monday, March 26, 2007

Scale Figures Gone Wild 2: Still Too Hot for CDs

I had a great weekend that included a massage, a great haircut, and a little retail therapy (damn, my new Ann Taylor brown knit dress makes me look like Rita Hayworth!). Evidently, I'm not the only one that had a wacky weekend. Look what showed up in my interior elevations when I opened my drawings this morning:

Lookin' mighty comfy there, pal. You do realize that you're in the women's restroom, right? That's why there's a sanitary napkin disposal next to you.

Man, it's sad when people show up at the radiology tech work desk and insist on a copy of their CT films right then and there at knifepoint.

Auugh! Take what you want and get out! Just leave the sports page!

Happy Monday, y'all.


faded said...

You need Dr. Frankstien in the O.R. elevations. It's Alive! It's Alive

Miss Kitty said...


It's like you said: "Four words: man on the can." I love it!

Wilderness Gina said...

Isn't there supposed to be a cat sitting in the guy's britches on the floor?