Sunday, September 16, 2007

It's (almost) our birthday, get busy

All the drama of the past few weeks had me forgetting that something was coming to which I could look forward. First of all, I should mention that Guy and I have the same birthday, seven years apart. This makes celebrating our birthdays easier, as it means we can take a trip and do something fun together for the occasion. We do trips instead of exchanging gifts because a) we like experiences more than stuff and b) vacations are nice. We almost got married on our birthday, except I told him I wanted two trips a year and I'm not letting him off that cheaply. After all, I let him off the hook for an engagement ring. However, it could be said that that's how I got an Elvis wedding in Vegas and two years in a row at the Venetian--combined, they're the same cost as a decent diamon solitaire.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, birthday. So our birthday is not this but next Monday. My mom and stepdad (Mom and El Seebeno of Educated & Poor fame at my sister's blog) came up with the idea of going on a cruise together, and Guy readily agreed. Yes. He agreed to go on a cruise with my mother and her husband. This is like going on a cruise with Bette Midler and Randy Quaid a la National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. If nothing else, Guy is intrepid. So, for four days, we're going to traipse around the Carribean with my fam.

I've finally had a chance to get excited about it this weekend. Mom and I are back and forth on the phone, figuring out what to wear, what to bring, what to do on the ship, etc. Mom's actually excited about going to the ship's gym with me.
"What'n'na hell you goin' to the gym for?" hollered El Seebeno in the background while Mom and I were on the phone. "You goin' on vacation! You ain't s'posed to be exercisin'!"
"How often do I get to work out or take a yoga class with my daughter?" she shot back. Like I said, she's actually excited about it. As am I. Just hanging out with her should be a lot of fun.
"What're you gonna do on the ship, hon?" I inquired of my beloved. "Hang out at the pool with El Seebeno and get lit?"
"Hell," Guy replied. "I'm gonna get lit in my room! I'm on vacation!"

This should be a bonding experience for Guy and El Seebeno.


Miss Kitty said...

I hope there's no additional charge for alcohol on the ship. Guy & Seeben will surely consume enough to put several cruise line executives' kids through college at Princeton.

Tom Harper said...

That's cool, taking vacations instead of exchanging gifts. My wife and I just started that tradition last summer for my birthday. We took a 2-week trip across Canada. In November we're going to New Orleans for my wife's birthday.

Who Hijacked Our Country

faded said...

I have to ask, hold are the two of you?

Enjoy the cruise and happy birthday. My wife and i took a Caribean cruise and had a wonderful time. It was 5 days of low key relaxation along with some marital bliss every night.

I had never been on a cruise before, The environment in the Caribean is just beautiful.

I have not posted mush lately it has been brain smashingly busy here. When I have a chance I will post some comments on your educational activities.

BaxtersMum said...

left a comment for you at Miss K's house of jealousy.

Poor thing. It must be so hard to be so one - sided. You really should be kinder to her, considering she's got a liberal arts background. Poor baby probably can't even do long division, much less calculus.

No doubt she has an inferior complex, and should be pitied, not teased..


Miss Kitty said...

How can I be jealous of DORKS?

And yes, I *can* do long division. :-P [raspberries]

Mile High Pixie said...

Tom: good call. Guy and I have been doing this for a while, espcially with getting married.

Faded: I'm looking forward to your comments. Glad to have you back--i noticed you were gone!

Bax: *tsk* I know, it's so hard, majoring in Coloring Books. :-p

Kitty: Baahahahaaha!