Monday, June 9, 2008

Operation Grow Something

It was time, my people. After a strange, long, oddly-cold May, June arrived and bit me with the let's-grow-some-shit bug. My pal Ethel and I were off to the plant nurseries and home garden centers (like Lowe's, Home Depot, and the like) to find a Shorty some proper flora for her balcony. You can take the girl out of the South, but...I still call my balcony five stories up "the porch." After a sunburn incurred while traipsing around northern Denver's nurseries and a quick stop at the Starbucks in Target for some liquid rejuvenation all of Saturday, and a long late-morning and afternoon spent potting and repotting and arguing with plastic pots, here's the final result on Sunday early evening. From left to right: McKay's White; Earthbox with two tomato plants; old TV stand from college holding two Kung Pao pepper plants, basil plant, oregano plant, cilantro plant, and two trays of wooly thyme; and boxwood. Planters for McKay's White and boxwood by Target and the Earthbox, oddly enough, were the most expensive things I bought all weekend. Plants were way less expensive than the containers.Along the building edge of my east porch I located my existing to remain (ETR) plants. In the foreground are a couple of pothos plants, an English ivy, a nondescript houseplant, and my Gardenia That Refuses To Die. Midground between the two Adirondack chairs are two Chinese evergreens that used to be one until Guy helped me hacksaw it in half. That's not a joke: the root ball on a Chinese evergreen is so knotted and obstinate that you do indeed have to saw it in half. What's not totally apparent in this photo is how messy and dirt-scattered the balcony/porch is. I stil need to buy a broom so I can clean the place a bit so I can stand to sit out there.

Not so easy to see here are my herbs--ETR parsley and rosemary along with new chocolate mint on a little rack near the kitchen sliding door are hiding behind the wood chair in the photo. Yet another pothos hangs from the underside of the balcony above. I daresay my balcony is becoming downright nice to be on. More planting to come....


ms. kitty said...

Wow, it looks really nice, Pixie! Good work.

BaxtersMum said...

I love it - you own a green thumb but no broom.

we are going to have to revoke your "witch of the month" club membership.


We will def do some k-yakin' when you come a visitin'.

Miss Kitty said...

Your "porch" is starting to look a lot like Mildred's. :-P Get some big-ass Boston ferns and you're set. Oh, and a bottle of Heineken that "the doctor told [you] to drink for your health."