Sunday, June 15, 2008

You kids get off my porch; I just planted those lettuce seeds!

Saturday was overly busy for Guy and me--my office summer picnic and then dinner in the foothills with some coworkers of Guy's. Hence, this Father's Day was spent laying around the house, with one quick trip for me to the nearby hardware store to get a bigger pot for my consumptive-ailing-but-not-willing-to-die gardenia. I can't seem to stop gardening here lately. Having blown about $260 a week ago (and everything from that trip is still alive, I'm proud to say) and almost another $100 since then, I don't know if the futzing is because I feel like I need to get my money's worth or if I'm just finally enjoying the balcony/garden. I think it's the latter. The balcony looks really good, and I finally feel semi-surrounded by green and growing things. I managed to get my wooly thyme in a pot, and Guy even found a nursery for me out in Arvada in between the office picnic and the dinner date so I could get some long planters and yet more potting soil for planting my spinach and lettuce. After calling home today and wishing my stepded El Seebeno "Happy Father's Day, mofo!", Mom suggested that I repot the gardenia from its 8" home of the past couple of years into a 10" pot. I insisted that it wasn't rootbound, but Mom suggested otherwise. Shes also sending me some Georgia red clay to powder and mix into the gardenia's new soil. And why not? Her gardenia is going apeshit in red dirt back home, so maybe it'll help mine. Otherwise, it's been a quiet day.

I tell you what, I've gotten downright curmudgeonly in my recent age. Now, I've never been a night person, pretty much ever. As long as I can remember, I've been a morning person, and especially so in college and as an adult. Even as a morning lark, I've always had tons of energy, for the most part. However, it seems like nowadays if I have a busy Saturday, I ain't worth a damn on Sunday. Or, if I'm out late on a Wednesday night, it's takeout and an 8:30 bedtime Thursday night. I'm not sure if it has to do with hitting my 30s, not being very challenged at work right now, or maybe it's backlash after working my ass off in 2006 on Wheatlands, when I worked no less than 7 8-hour days a week for eight months while taking and passing the ARE and I promised myself I'd never let myself get that tired ever again. Maybe it's valuing my down time even more than I used to, now that I've mostly achieved having and maintaining healthy boundaries.

I also apologize for my lack of posts and lack of quality posts here lately. As I mentioned before, things aren't very challenging at work. I'm doing little two- and three-week projects for Guy's old boss as well as small things here and there for Howie and Jann. All my work is filler work, and it feels really uninspiring. Yeah, I know work isn't always fulfilling, and I"m glad to have a job in a shitty economy, but still. The sun is up at 5:30 every morning, and this morning lark is still having problems dragging herself out of bed for a morning run or weight-lifting session. I mean, I get up, but I'm all over that snooze button before I do.

Anyway, I'll try to come up with some interesting stuff this week. I need some more CSI:Houseplant help, and I need to get off my chest my love/hate relationship with Brad Pitt.

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ms. kitty said...

Your garden sounds so nice and the pictures are helpful. I was thinking about you today while out at the new church building sanding and masking the windows in preparation for stain and varnish. We're really making progress. You inspire me to get out in my own garden and add some more plants!