Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back and truly well rested

And thankful to have had a wonderful weekend with a wonderful husband and a wonderful friend.  Friday, Guy and I got up at the crack of dawn to make our 7am flight to Las Vegas, but all was smooth from there.  Nice li'l rental car, productive outlet shopping trip, a visit to the Liberace Museum (oh, y'all, it was so right on), then off to dinner outside of town with Miz Scarlett, my innnernets friend who is now my IRL friend (we met through my sister's blog).  

The next day was rock climbing at the spa in the Venetian/Palazzo followed by lots of laying around in the new aquatherapy suite which was topped off with a restorative yoga class and a makeup lesson, where a lovely young woman who turned out to be ten years older than me did my makeup and showed me how to do it as well.  Then, Guy and I headed off to see Phantom of the Opera at our hotel/casino, and y'all!!  It was so good that I nearly started weeping during "Think of Me" and "All I Ask of You."  And I truly mean that literally.  I had to breathe deep and yawn and look up to stop the tears because a) I didn't have a napkin and b) my makeup looked so good but had I known that kohl on my eyes wouldn't have come off without a blowtorch I would have let loose.  Oh y'all, if you have a chance, See. Phantom. Srsly.  Even Guy really really liked it, and he's not a fan of musicals at all.  Then we had a nice dinner at Woo and gelato in the mall area.  

Sunday was a fitness assessment in which I found out I'm still doing quite well (21.1% body fat, spank you very much), and I can chest press 110 lbs and leg press 310 lbs.  (I weight 122, by comparison.)  Do not taunt Happy Fun Shorty.  Hang on, I have to flex for a second....okay, back.  Then I did some more languishing in the spa and got a massage.  Guy and I went to dinner and then to see Craig Ferguson at the MGM with Miz Scarlett (moar yayz!) but alas, we never met His Royal Baxterness.  I had a sad, but will have to rectify this situation by dragging Miss Kitty out to visit sometime fairly soon.

Monday, we got up and had breakfast and then spent some time doodling around Red Rock Canyon.  Very cool, and it was a good way to wind down from all the awesomeness we'd experienced in Vegas.  We got home in time for GUy to repack his carryon bag and head off to a project he's working on out on the East Coast.  He also has the digital camera, so I can't post pix til he gets back.  

But Y'ALL, we haz to go back to the spa.  I was so relaxed I took a nap.  Actually, I took three or four naps.  I never nap.  That's how relaxed I was.  That's it, we're all going.  Miss Kitty and Mom will fly in from Georgia, and then we'll all fly in from Denver, Rev Kit has to join us even if she has to take a ferry all the way from Whidbey Island, we're dragging Xtine and Charissa from way out yonder, and St. Blogwen needs to find someone to do her sermons for her while she goes out and raises some hell with us.  And to top it all off, Wide Lawns has to be there to make us all laugh at her tales of life in Florida and then make us all jealous at how well she writes.  Everyone, throw a change of undies in your purse, grab some mascara, and book your ticket--we're going.


mizscarlett said...

Twas lovely to see you and The Guy. And if I ever close on the house, we can all crash there.

Must plan trip to Mile High Cit-tay soon.

Much hugs,
Miz Scarlett

p.s. Baxter dawg has forgiven you if you send lots of treats.

ms. kitty said...

Wow, does that ever sound like fun! Someday I really want to meet you and Miss Kitty, Pixie, and Las Vegas just might work. The Favorite Son lives in Reno, so who knows? Let me check those ferry schedules!

Charlotte said...

I saw Phantom on Broadway and I have to agree with you; it's amazing!

Miss Kitty said...

Full of WIN! Yayz!

xtine said...

1) I hate musicals, and love Phantom
2) Holy hell you're in good shape - excellence, madam!
3) Believe it or not, I did not like Vegas. I have only a tiny smidge of desire to go again.

St. Blogwen said...

O boi o boi! Phun et phrivollitees!

Like Xtine, I am not a Vegas fan . . . but hey, I could really get my snark on, eyeballing all the phantasie ersatz copies of European landmarks. But the unreality is the point of Vegas, n'est pas?

I've been going to the masseuse at the chiropractor's for my back ever since I ran my car into a guardrail in early January. But it'd be a lot more fun to do it in a luxury spa for the simple pleasure of it.