Monday, February 16, 2009

Well, it was worth a shot

Bosley got the call today that we didn't get the cancer center project.  Out of the three firms that interviewed, we were third.  Ouch.  The facilities manager spent almost an hour on the phone explaining to Bosley what he thought our pros and cons were, and I emailed Bosley to see if he might share those with us.  After all, it's only my second interview ever, and I might as well learn something while I'm at it.  I'm sure I wasn't perfect--I have to wonder if my attempts at humanizing the team came across as too "cute" (a word I despise when referencing me in a professional setting, but it happens).  Maybe I'll catch him tomorrow or the next day.

Today, I'm at home.  While it worked out nicely that I could take today in order to balance out how far I went over 36 hours last week, it was even nicer that I could do so as I'm attempting to recover from this throat/sinus funktageousness.  I got a lot of writing done this morning as wellas six loads of laundry and then went for a little walk this afternoon on the way to the grocery store and ATM.  I had to get some more cold medicine, and the only kind to get is Sudafed, baby (or its generic version thereof).  And it annoys me that I have to take a little card to the pharmacy to buy it because its primary ingredient is pseudoephedrine hydrochloride (psuedoephedrine HCl), which is also used to make meth, and they can't have people coming in and buying 22 boxes of the stuff.  However, what really annoys me about this is that they can sell cough syrup over the counter but not badass Sudafed.  Dextromethorphan is the primary ingredient in many cough suppressants, and it actually  has psychoactive effects on people.  When I take it, I am insane.  And I don't mean I'm [singsong voice] "oooh, I'm sooo insaaane", I mean I'm "we the jury find the defendant...." kind of insane.  The last time I took dextromethorphan (which has the word "meth' in it, by the way), I flew into a silent seething rage when I saw Guy casually put a newspaper on the futon and it slid off.  I began plotting how I could suffocate him in his sleep.  Shouldn't be that hard, I posited to myself.  He snores like his dad, so I could say he has sleep apnea and just never woke up, but then how would I make sure he didn't have any fibers from the pillowcases in his mouth....

I wish I was kidding about this, or exaggerating.  I'm not.  Taking that stuff made me reflexively furious.  Vinnie's the one that put two and two together on it, and I now avoid it like "The Girls Next Door" on E!.  So, you can sell cough syrup--to kids, even--but you can't sell the awesomest decongestant ever?  And don't tell me just to get that Sudafed PE crap; that phenylephrine HCl doesn't do shit for my congestion.  My congestion laughs at phenylephrine HCl, gives it a wedgie, and takes its lunch money.  Call me when your decongestant takes the training wheels off.

But I'm catching up on my errands before we go to Vegas on Friday, and I'm enjoying some quiet time with the kittehs, both of whom are doing well.  The sheets are clean, the laundry is done, the floors are swiffed, the dishes are washed, the sun is out in Denver, and all is right with the world.


ms. kitty said...

It truly is a pain about the Sudafed AND the Advil cold and sinus AND a host of other very useful OTC drugs that we have relied on for ages. I didn't realize that about the cough meds.

Hope you're feeling just great by Friday and have a good time in Vegas. The Favorite Son gets to Vegas every once in awhile too.

Anonymous said...

I am like walking Beeyotch on Crack today and hating the world - perhaps it the detromethorphan in the Mucinex I took last night and today. I seriously HATE EVERYONE AND WISH THEY WOULD ALL DIE AND DON'T TALK TO ME UNLESS YOU WANT TO HEAR PROFANITY AND SEE THREATENING GESTURES.

or it could be day one back after a week off.