Friday, July 17, 2009

Mom Update

We've had a couple of wonderful days together so far, cooking, goofing around, trying on and fitting clothes Mom made. I'm overwhelmed at ho full of win Mom isWe've had a couple of wonderful days together so far, cooking, goofing around, trying on and fitting clothes Mom made. I'm overwhelmed at how full of win Mom is. She got here Tuesday night with a big suitcase and a little rolling carry-on backpack. When she opened it upon arriving in Denver, I discovered that she put her clothes in the little bag and had filled the large checked suitcase with my stuff--dresses she'd made, dresses she needed to fit on me (some of which needed no adjustment whatsoever), and fabric to show me. Freaking. Hilarious.

I went to work on Wednesday and spent the entire day as-builting a surgery suite that we're about to renovate. When I finally arrived home about 5:30, I noticed that the sewing machine I rented Mom was in the same place it had been the morning I left. "So, whadja do today, Mommy-Squommy?" I asked.

"Go look in your kitchen," said Mom.

Y'all. She cleaned my kitchen. And when I say cleaned, I mean scrubbed and perfectly white and clean. My kitchen is all white (interior design FAIL), and Mom managed to clean EVERYTHING. Cabinet faces, sink, stove top, the oven--the OVEN! I've been living here eight years and I've never cleaned my oven. People, she even cleaned my Ron Popeil rotisserie (what? it was the best wedding gift I got) down to where you can tell what color it is.

"Mom, I really appreciate you cleaning the kitchen, but...I thought you were going to sew?" I queried.

"El Seebeno made fun of me this morning on the phone. Said 'you're on vacation and you're gonna sew?!' So I did something else," she responded.

Maddy started yowling in the floor. Evidently, Grandma smuggled in some really good salmon treats and had been giving them to her all day. "She barfed 'em up at one point," Mom said. "Mighta given her too many at one time."
I called the vet about this, and the vet replied with a chuckle, "Grandparents!"

So, this morning we're drinking coffee and reading the paper (Mom goes straight for the Denver Post editorials and either laughs or clucks her tongue). We have a spa appointment this morning, and then it's off to go bra shopping and goofing around in the afternoon. I promise we'll do a Calvalcade of Awesome Dresses as well as a WAD version of Ask Mom this weekend. Now if y'all will excuse me, I gotta go get my chill on.


miz scarlett said...


Also -can mom come to Vegas?

for mom's ask question:
"is it worth loosign weight to get a guy?

Wilderness Gina said...

Miz--- I've been wanting to visit Vegas, but can't drag my main-squeeze on a plane. Big Bad Trucker is afraid to fly! Need More Alcohol!!!