Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Check the oven, I think the architect is done

Is it just me, or is everyone ready for the four-day weekend? I had an all-morning coordination meeting today on TCMC, which was followed by another hour-long meeting with Howie over what he wants changed in the drawing set, because gloriosky! we couldn't possibly be done with him changing his mind with less than two weeks to go before final CDs go out. I found myself collapsed in my fancy-schmancy $750 Herman Miller Think chair and drained of all useful thought and energy. It wasn't quite a flu-like feeling, but I'm sure you've felt it. Just wiped. out.

It doesn't help that Howie wants me working no more than 18 hours a week on this project. In order to do a good job on it, I need to be able to work steadily on it in order to answer questions and fix things and look up other stuff while Intern Timmy draws and draws and draws and draws and caters to Howie's graphical whims. Thankfully, I have another project in the office that I can help on, but it seems like they only need help at almost the same time that I have a deadline. Then when I have not much to do on TCMC, they don't need me.

The sound of Howie's voice annoys me. The hum of Revit thinking as it saves back to the central file annoys me. Having to make coffee yet again because someone drained the pot and couldn't for some reason make some more French Roast annoys me. I'm done, D-U-N. I want to go home and eat my mom's Thanksgiving turkey for the first time in seven years. I want to go to the spa with m sister and then go to her little house and snuggy her menagerie of kittehs and chikinz and singular puppeh. I want to enjoy a little humidity and goof off time with my cutie pie Guy.

Meh. One more day of drawing and I'm Audi 5000. The office should be a ghost ship today, so maybe I'll actually get something done for a change.


ms. kitty said...

I hope you have a great time in Georgia with your family, Pixie. Sounds like you really need a break!

Robin said...

I thought I was the only one who says Audi 5000. Happy Thanksgiving!

Miss Kitty said...


Wilderness Gina said...

I think you need a Handy-Dandy-All-Purpose Spray Bottle like I use to break up cat fights. They can be regulated to squirt a loooong way so you don't even have to get up from your desk. "Hey, Howeee! (sqeeee-t) calm yo ess down, Homee"