Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Belated Hanukkah, and stuff!

Hope everyone's having/had a great holiday. We're in St. Louis enjoying some time with Guy's family and dodging oncoming snowstorms as we go from point A to point B. Everybody eat a little and laugh a lot!

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Update: We made it to St. Louis ahead of the snow (though we spent the entirety of Kansas driving through fog and rain). We're actually having a White Christmas in STL today, so we're preparing to drive safely to loved ones' homes and to be safe. (And it's still almost warmer here than it was in GA last week. yikes!) Merry merry to all!


mizscarlett said...

HAppy Christmas to you and Guy and the kittehs o'Denver.

We head back to Vegas land tomorrow, sure to be annoyed by the increase in airport security courtesy of the dumbass who tried to blow up a plane yesterday.

see you soon? FeBRUary?

Miss Kitty said...

Driving through Kansas on a sunny day is bad enough, so driving through it shrouded by fog and rain must have felt like the fourth concentric ring of Hell. Oh, wait--Kansas IS the fourth concentric ring of Hell.

Hope y'all make it back safely.