Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Interwebs, meet Gracie

We have named the new kitteh Gracie. Well, I named her Gracie. Guy wanted to name her MacGruber, but I said no. (I swear, I don't know what's wrong with that man, but I bet it's hard to pronounce.)

She's only been here since Saturday afternoon, and Gracie's fur is already looking better. She's smoothed down and floofed up, and the white on her paws is looking a little brighter. We're working on giving her a bibbin--we could tell that she wasn't getting a lot to eat at the shelter (too many aggressive kittehs around her, plus she was always nursing). She's decided that she belongs everywhere in the house, and every seat is hers. She already knows the sound of the crinkling treat bag and the swoop of the food container coming off in time for feeding.

And what does Hazel think of this new little interloper?


Actually, she's getting more tolerant of Gracie with each passing day. The first time she saw Gracie on Sunday, it was hate at first hiss. But Tuesday night at dinner, Hazel followed her into the kitchen, sniffed her butt, and hissed loudly. I said, "Well, Lulu, you sniffed her ass--what did you expect it to smell like?"


ms. kitty said...

Amazing Gracie----I love it!

PS. What's a bibbin?

Mile High Pixie said...

Rev. Kit: a "bibbin" is what Miss Kitty and I call a slightly-pudgy kitty tummy. Having a bibbin is a sign of being well-fed and cared-for. (I got the phrase from a pet sitter friend of mine back in tha day.) She is an amazing Gracie indeed!

ms. kitty said...

Hmmm, got a couple of bibbins over here at my house too, then. Thanks for the new word.

Scarlett said...

Ha. And do you say, "Goodnight Gracie!" every evening?

Also, I has a supa sized bibbin residing at the Casa de los Gatos y Baxter dawg.

Like clockwork - housekeeper comes, and a few hours later, Thomas O'Malley is horking on the carpet. It is as predictable as the tides....

Miss Kitty said...


Her iz SHO PURRTY! Ohhhh, I can't wait to tum see mai mew niece!