Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Visual Inspiration: O hai!

O hai. I wuz tolded yu needed a noo kitteh.

Sumwun brot me into the sheltr while i waz havin kittenz. I had 6 and 4 livd, and when thy wr dopted owt, sumwun brot in moar kittnz, and i nursd them to. Nao I just wana liv quietlee and happee.

This luks lyk a gud playce to hang owt. Kan i wach TV with u?

Yayz! Iz comfee to sit heer wif mai floofy tayl and eerz!

Maybee dis me mai furever hoam. kthxnite.


Vic said...

Are you giving her a forever home, Pixie?
She's beautiful.
Let us know what you decide to name her.

Scarlett said...


FULUFFEE KITTEH!!! (Fluf as in fur, not as in weight - she needs treats, STAT!)

How is the Hazel taking to the sweet sweet sweet heart?

HA. You now have the Dickenson classic, "A Tail of Two Kittehs."

ha ha.

Mile High Pixie said...

Vic: We have a tentative name so far. Guy said I could name her, since technically he picked her out. Unless hazel has serious issues, the Happy Kitten Highrise will be her forever home kthx.

Scarlett: I noes! We've been calling her "Floof" and "Fluffenstein" for the past couple of days. She's pretty pesky, fo sho. So far, Hazel is hissing defensively and growling/gurgling at her, but no pitty-pat-patting on heads or drawing blood. Just a stand off everytime Little One (another nickname) walks in the room within 12 feet of Hazel.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times... >^..^<

St. Blogwen said...

O yesh! iz tyme furr mama sheltur kitteh to resting awn herz lawrells.

Shii wil bee eben floofier as teh daze goe awn!

ms. kitty said...

She's lovely! And how articulate! I do hope you can keep her, Pixie.

medrecgal said...

Pretty's to hoping she and Hazel can reach a truce and live happily ever after under the "spoilage" of MHP!

Miss Kitty said...


Her iz SHO fluffeh and fweet! O, I hoap yu gibs her furevar hoam kthxbai! >^..^<