Thursday, September 30, 2010

What I wouldn't give for a nap right now

I apologize profusely for the lack of posts (and the crappy quality of what few posts I've done)--recently, three projects that have long been on hold have come back online with compressed deadlines..oh, and they all have something due one day after the next. I had to travel for work recently, and when I got back to town, all hell had broken loose. And another project had just been given the green light. And Sven put me on another big project that's just starting...with Howie. Deliver me.

It's like thing after thing after thing keeps coming at me. I worked last weekend before flying out on Sunday, and I'm working again this weekend. I suppose I can keep this pace up for a couple of weeks, but not for more than that. Plus, my mom is coming to visit next week (YAY!) and I've barely had any time to either clean the house and/or get excited about her visit.

Give me some time y'all, and I'll get back to some at least mildly interesting posts. I've had something funny and/or interesting things happen in the past month, and with a little time and rest I'll post on them.


NC said...

Well, is it really worth it ? Ask this when you are around 40 years olds . Many are stuck and they all said it is not worth it.It is better to be the developer/owner not the designer.

Miss Kitty said...

Since Mom is coming to visit, you'll have a lot more hilarious stuff to post on WAD. :-P