Thursday, October 7, 2010

Woohoo!! My mommy's here!1!!

Mom arrived in town yesterday, and we had drinks with Vinnie this evening. Tomorrow is a day of spa and drinks and hanging out...and no work. And yes, I have a deadline next week, and I've got a crapton of work to do. But I'm furious with my engineers and annoyed with my workload, and I just need to decompress and go for some long walks and try on some amazing dresses and just have a good time. My sister is trying to handle burnout, and I'm just about in the same place.

Fear not, though, my peeps: we'll be conducting a Mile High version of Ask Mom, and I'm sure we'll have some fun photos of wandering around Cherry Creek. Back in a few.


Scarlett said...


My Mommy will be here in a few days. YAY FOR MOMMIES!

Miss Kitty said...

YAYZ! Ask Mom returns! EPIC BLOG WIN!