Tuesday, January 4, 2011

...aaand we're back.

I returned to Design Associates after a two-week break with a sense of anxiety and foreboding. First of all, I had practically forgotten what I'd been working on: schematic design on various departments in a quarter-million square-foot medical office building for Gestalt HMO, plus an ongoing remodeling project at the Bierstadt Building for Gestalt. After spending some wonderfully lazy and unproductive time in Georgia with my mom and sister, Guy and I got back to Denver for half a day in order to take Gracie to the vet (where she was pronounced pesky and healthy). We then spent the weekend at Copper Mountain for New year's, where those of you who watch the Weather Channel like it's SportsCenter know that the high was -10 on New Year's Eve and about 3 on New Year's Day. And guess who went cross country skiing in it? (Look, anything below about15 feels the same to me, so what's another 15 degrees?)

After lots of rest, wine, good company, and fun, I remembered how stress-inducing work had been, and I dragged myself into the office, only to find that Ingrid (a longtime colleague and awesome architect) had worked on my project and had kept it afloat and going well in my absence. Later on Monday, Howie called Sven and me into a conference room to let Sven know that I had been the subject of a colleague's hissy fit two weeks ago, and that it wasn't right that a) that colleague acted that way towards me and b) I shouldn't have to deal with that kind of crap, as I had too much to do. It was really a compliment, in a way, that Howie had been thinking about the hissy fit for two weeks and wanted to let Sven know that This Crap Shall Not Fly. It was also a relief, as I didn't feel like I had walked into a hornet's nest when I returned.

Here's hoping that 2011 will be busy but not horribly hectic, not just at work but in life in general. I don't really make resolutions (any change I've ever made that was substantial and stuck with me was made at some random point during the year, not on January 1st), but I have decided that this would be a good time to start setting some limits and rationing out (and saving) my energy a little better than I have in the past. And here's hoping that everyone reading this also has a balanced year: a little busy, a little quiet, always good.


faded said...

Howie's behaviour is remarkable and astonishing. It is incredibly rare for a boss to stand up for a subordinate who has been treated badly. In 33 years of working I have seen this behaviour only once.

Howie thinks very highly of you.

Scarlett said...

who is this unproffessional colleague? I shall smite them with my disdain and sarcasm.

Happy New Year. See you soonest!

Wilderness Gina said...

ah you forgotted evrything? so all that wine I opened did not go to waste. My job as Mrrm is secure. mazel tov

Miss Kitty said...

Was this a hissy fit that you told us about over Xmas? Hmm, I'm not sure it is. Thank God that Howie finally set things right. (Or was this hissy fit the one where the really weird guy was yowling about how much stuff he had to do, and he was SO stressed out, and that Howie needed to give him a break? And then you very nicely told him to cram it and grow up?)