Monday, January 24, 2011

Hooray! The internet's back!

Guy and I just switched over to Qwest and DirecTV for our cable and internet, which means we suddenly have a crapton more channels, reliable wireless internet, and DVR capabilities for about what we were paying for Comcast. What this means is that we have 500 channels and not much on, but at least we can DVR Robot Chicken and The Ricky Gervais Show as well as some good standup, which means we may be able to cancel Netflix, at least for a while.

Meanwhile, we have a bunch of meetings this week with the user group for Gestalt HMO's Uber MOB. (O Holy St. Renzo of Piano, deliver thy humble archispazz from meetings.) I still need drafting help for all the departments I'm working on, but Sven and Howie have yet to pluck some unlucky soul from the madding crowd and assign him/her to me.

Also meanwhile, one of the kittehs here at the HKH has giardia, so we're having to treat both Hazel and Gracie for it just to be sure. This means taking a pill twice a day, or rather having a pill shoved down our throats twice a day. I was spoiled by how well Maddy (RIP, Big Girl) took pills, and so now Guy is having to play Nurse Ratched and dispense all medication in the house. Also, Papa bought us a bunch of fun toys, like a feathery fishpole, a refill for the Turboscratcher, and one of those arched emery-board Turboscratchers. Gracie is finally playing with the regular Turboscratcher, but she fears the Emeryscratcher, and she is utterly paranoid of the Feather Fisher, though Hazel wuvs it and played with it (and Papa) for twenty minutes straight last night. As Guy said afterwards, "I don't think I've ever seen her that active in the ten years I've lived with her."

I'm slowly going through my closet to organize and clean it out, as Guy bought me a closet organizer for Xmas (which I asked for, don't get offended). I want to paint my closet before he installs it though, so I'm a) thinning the herd and b) girding myself mentally to overhaul my closet, right now when I can barely make myself Swiff the house and do laundry. Updates will be provided as conditions warrant.


Wilderness Gina said...

I'd better start putting size lables in the things I make for you. Good Will will be crying when you send those things (ok, almost worn out things) and there's no size. Boo hoo.

Mile High Pixie said...

Don't worry, Mom, with the exception of a few nightgowns, I haven't given away anything you've made me. I think Goodwill is wary of handmade goods for some reason.

faded said...

You need this for your meetings.

It is the "Cone of Silence," from episode of of Get Smart.