Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Visual Inspiration: A little window shopping in Cherry Creek North

We leave on Thursday to go to Vegas for our 6th anniversary, thanks heavens. I nearly had a meltdown at work on Friday, but then Sven took me to lunch and we chatted about how the project was going (decently), how things were going with Howie (still kinda annoying but not nearly as obnoxious as before), and what my future was like at Design Associates (decent with a chance of promising). I had work to do this weekend so that I wouldn't be completely behind when we got back from Vegas, but I did take some time to go window shopping in Cherry Creek.

Mom, I nearly went in the store and bought this just so I could give it to you to make a pattern out of...

*sigh*, It's so involved being a wig model. Just a head on a post, so boring and avant garde...

What do you mean, "don't waste another step"? How is any step in most Americans' days wasted? So, if I'm not wearing these retarded-looking shoes and I walk five miles, I just "wasted" steps? Sure. Or I could buy those shoes and waste $50.

This sweater dress leaves me feeling conflicted. I love the slubby, knit feel, but then she's wearing leggings with it. Is it supposed to keep me warm or not? And why must I look like Lindsey Lohan when I wear this? And why do I suddenly crave a pair of leggings?

Dear Scarlett: This just opened in Cherry Creek North. We could totally make $30,000, easy.


Scarlett said...

30,000$! I wonder if its staffed by a bunch of the owner's friends who just work for pizza and beer.

And I bet they don't have to run the heat because the building is so well insulated, the heater from the basement is the only thing that has to run.

So much potential. So little time.
(my security word? "nesigh" - even the internet moans at idiocy.)

St. Blogwen said...

Those model heads look as bored and pissed off at wearing those wigs as I am at wearing mine.

Definitely looking forward to warmer weather so I can go out with my own hair exposed!