Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day, Shelter Kitteh Style

Many of you may recall the arrival of Gracie in July 2010 here at the Happy Kitten Highrise. In the past eight months, she's decided that she does indeed belong here and has staked her claim on a few pieces on furniture as well as anywhere on Papa's side of the bed. I swear she spends half the day looking for Hazel, and Hazel spends half her day avoiding Gracie. The Floof just wants to play, but she does occasionally for no apparently good reason light Lulu's head up with a flurry of floofy-pawed pitty-pat-pat. However, being only about two years old, we love to bat at and play with strings. Papa gave us a long, elasticized string that we actually tote around the house now and again. Here she is, playing with Papa in the living room.



...let's take this over here where I can attack it better....

..huh? did I hear a treat bag crinkle open...?

What do you mean "you have to go pee?" Get back here and finish playing wif me!


Miss Kitty said...


Bestest! Floof! EVAR!! SQUEEEE! Ohhh, if onlee I wuz nawt broked! I wud tum see mah Floof! (& mah Squazel-rah, lulz)

BTW: Word verification is "padjunk." I shit you not.

ms. kitty said...

Great pix, Pixie!