Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy birthday, Dad!

If my father were still alive, he'd be 65 today. That's old enough to retire legitimately, not partially as he intended to do when he was 52, or inadvertently as he did when he was 50. I often wonder what he'd be like now. Probably somewhat optimistic and mildly cantankerous, talking to me about Gestalt's Uber MOB and to Guy about his time in the Army and about investing and what Missouri is like. We went to dinner tonight (Mexican, one of Dad's favorites), and we'll have some chocolate cupcakes later this evening.

I love you Daddy, and I still miss you.


Michelle P said...

Sorry about your dad. What a lovely post though. My dad passed away 3 years ago and had to retire at the age of 54 due to his cancer also. And I'm from Missouri and my dad loved Mexican, your post is so relate-able!

ms. kitty said...

Happy Birthday to all the dads who are now gone, especially yours and Miss K's on this date.

Miss Kitty said...

Happy b'day indeed. :-)

This post has clued me in to several things I didn't already know. Daddy planned to retire at 52? Or is that just "stop working away from home?" And Mexican was his favorite food? Hmm, we never went to Mexican resturants when he took me out to dinner in Athens.

I have learned something new today. [mind boggles]

St. Blogwen said...

Very whitty, old Walt.