Thursday, October 20, 2011

Scenes from a project, Part 1

Pixie, Contractor Sid, and some surgery staff members are in a conference room, discussing the layout of a pre-op and post-op suite.

Nurse 1: How big is that patient toilet?
Pixie: It's 7'-2" by 7'-6", a little over 50 square feet.
Nurse 2: Wow, it looks...big.
Nurse 1: [to Nurse 2] Our toilets at Bierstadt Building aren't ADA, that's why this looks so big.
Pixie: Correct. An ADA-compliant toilet is so big I can breakdance in it.
Nurse 2: Oh, okay, well that's fine. I wanna go back to the pre-op bays, though--
Contractor Sid: [looks up suddenly from his laptop] Wait, I wanna go back to the toilets. How did we all just miss Pixie breakdancing?

Pixie, Sven, Contractor Sid, and two Gestalt project managers are talking after the radiology user group meeting.

Pixie: So, the radiologists want to redesign the entire department to have the front desk towards the west instead of the east.
Sven: Aren't we a month out from the end of SDs?
Gestalt Mgr 1: This is a lot to change so close to the deadline--
Gestalt Mgr 2: But if these changes need to happen and the department won't work without it, then... [throws hands in air]
Pixie: Well, look: how about I take just an hour or so to see if what they want works?
Sven: Can you do that in an hour?
Pixie: Well, maybe two. Depends on what you [gestures at Gestalt Mgrs 1 and 2] want. Do you want me to see if it can really work, or do we just want to be able to say 'yeah we tried but it's not gonna work' to the radiologists?
Gestalt Mgr 1: Well, I suppose, um...
Pixie: I can make this plan work or not work. What I'm asking is, do you want me to use my powers for good or for evil?

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