Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Visual Inspiration: The Jewel Box, St. Louis

I'm working furiously towards getting some things done at work before Guy and I head off to Vegas for our seventh anniversary, so I don't have much energy to post anything really cool and interesting this week. However, I realized that I haven't posted some of my photos from our trip back to St. Louis at Christmas. Here are some images of the Jewel Box, a greenhouse with historic value located in Forest Park in St. Louis.

How cool is this staircase?

A view inside the Jewel Box. Green as ever in the dead of winter.

Rust stains on the stonework.

Sunset through the Jewel Box.


Miss Kitty said...

WOW! Beautiful! How did the rust stains get on the stone work? Must have been metal on the outside that's since been removed. Is the Jewel Box open for tours? If not, that's too bad. It really does look like an Art Deco jewel box.

Andrew Raimist said...

Thank you for this post on this wonderful building. I'm teaching a class in Mid-Century Modern Architecture in St. Louis this semester. One of my students is studying this building for his project. Do you know any good sources of information on it?

In particular, we're curious about the architect who is said to be "William Becker" who was apparently the "City Architect."

Andrew Raimist