Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Overheard in Design Associates' office last Friday, when it snowed 8 inches overnight

Intern Kimmy: Man, it's quiet in here, like no one's showed up but us four.
Ingrid: Good, I can get something done since the phone's not ringing.
Intern Tiffany: No kidding! [starts checking another shop drawing] We should have a party as our consolation prize for showing up in this mess.
Pixie: How good would a mimosa taste right now?
Intern Tiffany: Omigawd! There's a corner shop a block from here with orange juice!
Intern Kimmy: And there's two liquor stores within two blocks of here! I'll get the Prosecco!
Ingrid: I'll get the OJ!
Pixie: Just be sure you get Low-Acid OJ--the regular shit tears my stomach up.
Ingrid: [laughs] That's how you know we're old.
Intern Tiffany: We'll make today Mimosa Friday!
Pixie: As opposed to Hard Liquor Tuesday....

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Miss Kitty said...

EPIC LULZ @ "Hard Liquor Tuesday!" Also known as "every day in an architect's office." And hence, the name of this blog... :-P