Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Visual Inspiration: Vulgar display of power outlets

First of all, I really like the coffee shop in which I took these photos.  I like their food and coffee, the decor is great, and the environment overall is great.  It's a fantastic place to people watch, have a great, locally-sourced snack, read or work quietly, or hang out with friends. Below is an art wall towards the back of the coffee shop. I love these laminate panels with exposed fasteners (note to self: find out what these are made of and put them in a future hospital), and I love that the art is the same size as the panels.

Wait, what's that just above...right in those two panels...?

Are you kidding me?!  Are those power outlets??

Yes. Yes, those are poorly-located power outlets. This shop just renovated and did interior repairs due to a water main break, and yet no one fixed this?  No one moved these outlets, even to the middle of a panel where you could replace the stainless steel cover plates with white and kinda-sorta camouflage them?

*sigh* Can I get some Bailey's in my coffee?


Miss Kitty said...

FAIL. Ugh! So tacky!

Miss Kitty said...

Now that I think a little more about it, seeing a power outlet where it shouldn't be is kind of like catching a glimpse of someone's genitals: You know intellectually that they have them--everyone does--but you just didn't need to SEE them and be reminded of their presence.

Does that metaphor work?