Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Visual Inspiration: Attack of the modern unisex public bathroom

Public bathrooms fascinate me for many reasons.  They are places that seem so detail-oriented yet so half-assed--elegant hands-free fixtures and Ann Sacks tile in a room that more often that not doesn't actually meet the ADA clearance requirements.  It's a room in which we are most human and most private, yet the guy that has to come in after us knows just exactly what we've been up to.  I could do countless posts on bathrooms, but I'll start with just one, showing lovely pictures of an almost-acceptable toilet room in Cherry Creek.

The toilet is beautiful, and the flushing mechanism is simple (the stainless steel panel above it), but I'm not sure how as a person in a wheelchair I'm supposed to reach it with the toilet in the way.  How am I supposed to get on the can in the first place with only a side grab bar, and not a back grab bar as well?

Let's look at that sink a little better.

 Wow, that's a true hands-free faucet, and there are little smooth stones in the sink basin.  Squee!  WANT!

 This door is crazy cool.  The glass panels are frosted, so you can neither see in or out, but it lets light in for a less claustrophobic potty-going experience.

The lighting in this room is really nice and flattering to anyone using the can or the mirror, but that grey square on the left is an exhaust vent absolutely caked with lint.  Can someone bring a Swiffer cloth in here once a month, please?

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Miss Kitty said...

LULZ @ beautiful yet FAIL public restroom! Maybe they assume nobody will look up and see the lint-covered vent. Or maybe it's that way because nobody (except architects) ever looks up.