Thursday, June 21, 2012

Urban bun!

This bunny hopped all the way past me and into a school playground near Cherry Creek North, where it proceeded to nomnomnom on some grass and clover.  Just a few yards from busy streets and shops and people going about their lives, this little creature (about the size of a 12-week-old kitten) was living its life the way its ancestors have for thousands of years.

Sometimes, our construction displaces wildlife.  Other times, it just makes life difficult for them, but they adapt.  Bunnies live in empty lots and tiny parks.  Foxes and their kits live in the storm sewers in nice neighborhoods.  Squirrels use power lines to get from tree to tree.  I'm not advocating that all human progress and construction is good and we shouldn't worry about the creatures, but it's nice to know that sometimes they find a way to live amongst us.  It's a furry middle finger to the so-called top of the food chain.


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St. Blogwen said...

You should see my neighborhood. It's bunny heaven. They hop down the sidewalks, in lines down the middle of the streets. They make their nests openly in people's yards. They've adapted very, very well, I'd say.