Saturday, July 13, 2013

At the Cherry Creek Arts Festival with Mom

Mom:  You need this sculpture in your house.
Pixie:  To do what with?
Mom:  You could hang your keys on it, or put letters in it--
Pixie:  Like an odds-and-ends shelf?
Mom:  Hang off of it while you and Guy are getting it on, shit, I don't care! I'm just saying it would look great in your house!
Pixie:  No, I agree, it looks fantastic!
Mom:  And it's only $900! Chump change!

Pixie:  How fantastic is that purse?
Mom:  Oh my Gawd, it's got a little space underneath! You could fit a kitten through that space!
Pixie:  And there's a pocket in the bottom!
Mom:  That's where you hide your weed.

Pixie:  Mom, can you make that dress?
Mom:  Yeah, I think I have that pattern at home...but I wouldn't do the contrast zip.
Pixie:  Why not?
Mom:  Only trailer trash and Kardashians wear contrast zips in their dresses.
Pixie:  Baaahahahahaaaaaa!
Mom:  [walking away] That shit is cray.

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Lilylou said...

Your Mom is something else! Love hearing her opinions!