Saturday, July 13, 2013

Happy belated Independence Day!

Mom was here for a week, starting on July 4th, and it was fantastic. Great to see her and goof around with her, go to the Cherry Creek Arts Festival, eat at amazing restaurants, go to the spa, go camping, and play Duck Duck Goose with my plants. (I was soundly admonished for not watering them enough this summer.) I'll provide pictures and commentary for the week in the coming month or so...

...just in time for me to go to Georgia in August. 


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WG Esq. said...

You have a "letter" coming by snail-mail. It's the readout of my MRI results and addition tom foolery from the arm pit of the earth- Beautiful West Central Georgia! Never ceases to amaze (and disappoint) me what this part of the world gets up to. If they'd only get decent cell and DSL service.... but then we'd quickly join the 21st century and the powers that be CAN'T BE HAVING WITH THAT.