Thursday, June 21, 2007

Damn Yankees

The big news around here is that the Rockies swept the Yankees here in Denver. They won all three games this week during the Yankees' first visit to da Mile High Shizznit since 2002. Here's the thing though: Coors Field only sells out once or twice a season, usually opening day and maybe a summer fireworks game around a major holiday. But the three Yankees games were sold out months in advance, and ticket prices were way jacked. Usually, the Rockies charge $75 per seat for a box/club seat, but just seats near homeplate (not at, but near) were going for that this week.

Side One of the Yankees Visit Existential Pastoral Sporting Meltdown: Local fans and even some of the Rockies' players and staff are pissed that this is what it takes to pack Coors Field. Where the fuck are all these Yankees fans coming from, anyway? Why is Rockies management putting so much effort into pushing this game series? Dammit, the Rockies are over .500 right now for the first time in a while, so why are the Rockies getting second billing at home?! This is bullshit! (Pixie's aside: Why the hell do they even have weekday daytime games? I'm trying to just go six blocks to meet my pal Vinnie for drinks and gossip, and these fucktards are driving like crap and in my way! Does no one know how to make a right turn anymore?!)

Flip Side of the Yankees Visit Existential Pastoral Sporting Meltdown: "Yankees fans are everywhere, Pix," said Vinnie at McCormick's Fish House in Lodo, his large fist wrapped around a highball glass, manly manicured fingertip idly wiping away a drop of water from the glass in the 93-degree Denver heat. "Fans have come from Kansas, New Mexico, Utah even, to see the Yankees get anywhere near this neck of the woods." True enough. Plus, did I mention that this is the first time in a long time that the Rockies have been over .500? These owners refuse to invest in this team. Everytime some no-name kid gets hot and starts hitting well or pitching well, they trade him. There are still a couple of huge contracts still on the books for players that were either traded or just gone. Oh, and recall that $75 a seat in the club/box seats? That's the second highest club seat price in the entire League, National or American. The only higher price is at Fenway Park for the Red Sox, but they've actually won a championship and had winning seasons for a long time. Don't expect people to rally around a ho-hum team with few recognizable names from year to year and expensive seats.

So, I see both sides of the brouhaha. (I'm a Libra, what did you expect?) Still...I'm over these weeksday day games.

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BaxtersMum said...

ah yes... the ever present Skankies....

When I lived in Seattle, the Mariners played the Skankies in the playoffs for the Series. I skipped work to stand in line to get the released tickets for game 5 (or6?) and then skipped work again to go to the game. Because of Looser boy's baseball fettish, of course.

But it was a blast. I am such a Mariner's fan (not really, but if asked about pro baseball, that's who I pull for). It was fun - both the game AND skipping work, which I agree is STUPID if you want attendance.