Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Random grousings from Pixie and her coworkers

  • Pixie: Homeland Security needs to create a Fashion Police division. When they do, I'm taking Jann to the best lingerie store in Denver, and we're getting her some decent bras. Honestly, she needs to lift those things off of her lap, for once! And those sweaters circa 1992! Please, she has got to stop the madness.
  • Elliot: What the hell do these IT guys from the hospital want with card readers and an intercom system in the next-door MOB [medical office building]? Putting an intercom system in an MOB is like putting one in your apartment building--you don't need it! If someone calls you, they don't call to a central switchboard, they call right to your suite! This is not a hospital! THIS IS NOT A HOSPITAL!
  • Derek: Look, my wife and I are expecting a baby in a week, and I'm really looking forward to it. But can people please stop bringing their infants and small children into R-rated movies?! If any of you catch me doing that, roll up a newspaper and smack me on the nose with it. Seriously.
  • Pixie: People are scared of the wrong things. Everyone's freaked out about terrorist attacks, but how many have happened in the US since 9/11? None! Stranger danger is all around us and it's all we're fed, especially women, but no one seems to realize that seven in ten women are sexually assaulted by someone they know. We're scared of the wrong things and tolerate the shit we shouldn't be putting up with!
  • Derek: June 27th is Take Your Bike to Work Day. If I take my bike to work that day but drive a Hummer the rest of the year, does that make me better than Pixie, who carpols with her husband every day in a that 36-mpg Honda Civic?
  • Elliot: Maybe Guy should get a Hummer.
  • Pixie: Only if he buys me some jewelry.
  • Norman: What's a hummer?

Well, what can I say? None of y'all paid to get into this show; don't go expecting quality, now.

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faded said...

Pixie, If the Homeland Security created a fashion police all the woman would be required to wear bras that put "those things" on their laps.

On the fear thing, you are so right. Most murder victims know the person who killed them. It turns out 90% of all homicides occur in 10 counties in the United States. The counties include all the major cities in the US.

I also see the system admins who fear the wrong thing. Computer viruses are bad. So let's remove them from the computer. The sys admins are so focused on viruses and their removal that they fail to ask the correct question, "How do I keep from being infected?"

Since they never ask the correct question they never get the to the solution that works.

I could go on for pages about how people's fear is used to get them to do things and buy things they do not need.

Concerning Elliot's IT guys, I have found IT guys are really infatuated with technology. They have a firm faith that more tech will solve the problem. The faith can be almost religious in its' intensity at times. They get away with it because the managers they report to do not know how to evaluate what they are being told.

Remember this last comment comes from a guy who supports a web based facility management system.