Saturday, June 9, 2007

Nothing gets things done like procrastination.

The house is still a mess from cleaning up the back balcony and trying to fix the leak in the balcony enclosure walls. We have piles of clothes laying about from us cleaning out our closets. All the stuff from the balcony is in the living room, and everything from our closets and drawers are laying about in our room and the TV room. All the blankets that should be in the cabinets in the hall are laying around the living room, bedroom, and TV room because the cabinets aren't done. The house hasn't really been cleaned well since late April. So what's the best use of my time on a warm Saturday afternoon? That's right: gardening.

I went to the farmers' market this morning while going for a long walk and found some herbs for my container garden. The gal at the plant nursery booth recommended that I trim back my parsley so it wouldn't overwhelm my other herbs, and that I put my chocolate mint (which is invasive) and my rosemary (which likes drier soil than most herbs) in separate pots. I spent a great deal of the early afternoon digging in the dirt, cleaning pots, scooping soil, breaking up root knots, spraying down plants with organic herbicide, and enjoying the warm day.

Oh, then I boxed up the give-away clothes, changed the futon cover, and swept and swiffed the house. Then Guy came home and it was time for margaritas and quesadillas at our local cantina. I consider this day well-spent.


Charlotte said...

Procrastination helped me get through four years of

BaxtersMum said...


See, when there are things like that to do at my house, some weird phermones are emitted by the chaos, clutter and chores and I find myself suddenly sleepy, with no ability to keep my eyes open.

and WHAM its four hours later and I'm hungry from my nap.

so good for you. Me? I got a house keeper. She rocks.

Mile High Pixie said...

Bax, you're killing me. I can't count the number of times I've been faced with a bunch of tasks or on really big one, and I suddenly am overwhelmed with the need to sleep.

And Charlotte, I used pro wrestling to help me procrastinate on my thesis in grad school!