Sunday, February 10, 2008

Back in the land of the living

Lawd, y'all, Shorty was illin' this week. I spent all of Friday with amazing stomach pains that finally ended in seeing my dinner a second time, then laying at home on Monday while watching the Weather Channel. Of course, Princess Dumbass here just had to go to work for one hour on Monday to make sure her new intern had something to do and then even try to go to a meeting at MHRC (you know, the meeting where everyone was trying to keep CEO Plankton out of it). As soon as I got to work, I realized I couldn't do it, so I left Jann a message on her cell phone. Evidently, I was missed at the meeting, as Squidwort had to heckle me when I answered my phone the next day.

I spent the rest of the week dragging around, feeling low and heavy and just...bleh. I mean, there's no other word for it. As a mental health check, I met Vinnie--psychotherapist, antique furniture dealer, and my longtime pal--for drinks at McCormick's in LoDo. He bought me a pot of hot tea, which I didn't even know they had there. "Look," he said, adjusting his dark silk tie with one large hand, "the flu is in rare form in Colorado this year. Most of what I'm seeing in my office is about 24 hours of violent illness followed by a a couple of weeks of low energy, low affect. Everyone thinks they're depressed, and they're not--it's the flu. And February is the time to get the flu in Colorado."

Vinnie's advice was to take it easy for a few weeks, work out but don't push quite as hard as I usually do so I don't relapse. Fine and dandy. Today is being spent working on catching up around the house, especially laundry and basic housework. I can see a layer of cat hair and dust on the hardwood floor, and papers are piled up everywhere. I also have some new books from the library that need reading, so I'm looking forward to doing that.

Know what else I'm loking forward to? In two weeks, Guy and I will celebrate our 3rd wedding Vegas. Again. Does that make us lame? Then fine, we're lame. (No, seriously, I'm still a little lame--the ankle doesn't have full flexibility yet, but it's close. It's at about 90%.) But we fucking. love. Vegas. It's Disneyland for adults. We go and live and peoplewatch and get massages and seaweed wraps and kick people's asses in poker tournaments and dine and party like rock stars for three days. We're staying at the Venetian yet again, and Guy even managed to get us a room in the newly-completed Palazzo tower for about 2/3 the regular price. I give Guy a lot of shit for being cheap, but that man can sure find a bargain. So, in two weeks, it'll be off to the spa and yoga classes while Guy demolishes Joe Sixpack visiting from Des Moines in a poker tourney. Then, the weekend after that...

...Kitty's coming for a week. Oh, beware, Guy...beware.


Miss Kitty said...

About Vegas: I told Mom & El Seebeno about your planned rock-wall session, and Seeben said, "She better not break the other damn leg."

Wilderness Gina said...

Guy? Do you have a current canister for your gas mask? They need to be re-charged every few times you use them you know. And I know you used it the last time Kitty visited. She melted the interior of the Camero Saturday nite. YEE GODS!!!!!

St. Blogwen said...

Don't let Guy bet Maddy and Hazel! Them's 2-2 pweshus!