Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Banana Bread Thieves, film at eleven

Evidently, the wet food we're giving Maddy and Hazel three times a week isn't enough.

I came home this afternoon to find that Someone and Someone Else had climbed up on the counter, dragged down the plastic bag with the somewhat-overcooked banana bread in it, and gnawgnawgnawed through the bag and into the loaf. Frankly, it was so overbaked that I'm surprised they didn't break a tooth on it.

Maddy, meanwhile, doesn't miss a crumb. And she says she has no idea who did this to my banana bread.


St. Blogwen said...

And they say cats can't taste sweet things!

(My big kitteh will lick the dried frosting off the bottom of an empty donut box.)

ms. kitty said...

Loved it! Guess you'll have to step up the wet food. Of course, maybe they'd just finish off the banana bread for you, and that would solve the problem.

Miss Kitty said...

Bad Squaddy and Lulu! Bad!

Ernest meows like hell for anything I'm eating: peanut butter, kosher dill pickles, hummus, apple slices with peanut butter. When he starts getting on my nerves with the constant meowing, I offer him a piece...and little nose wrinkles automatically. :-P

faded said...

We had a 12 lb. Miniature Schnauzer by the name of Muffin. Muffin had an eating disorder, she would keep eating until her stomach was so large that she could not move.

We took care of this by managing her food supply. This work will until the day we left a 50 lb bag of dog food on a shelf 2 ft off the floor in the kitchen.

Nobody was home, so Muffin goes to the kitchen, uses here 12 lb body to get the 50 lb bag off the shelf. Then she dragged the bag 15 ft across the kitchen floor so she could lay on the carpet while she chewed the bag open.

We found her with half her body in the bag eating like mad. Her stomach was so large that she would grunt with every breath and she could not lay down. She survived that with no ill effects.