Saturday, March 8, 2008

Back to my pedestrian life

I dropped Miss Kitty off at the airport this afternoon, thus bringing to an all-too-soon end to a wonderful week. To say Kitty and I had a good time is like saying Hurricane Katrina brought a bit of rain to New Orleans--we had an unmitigated blast. Kitty cooked us some black bean chili one night for dinner, which served as marvelous leftovers again the next night, and we cooked carmelized rotisserie pork chops for her a few nights later. I took Friday off from work, and Kitty and I went to the Sephora in Boulder (droooooool) as well as the outlet mall on the outskirts of Denver. While we did do some damage fo' sho' in our shopping trips, we got some great deals and shared some good laughs.

Dialogue highlights of the past week:
  • "Do you actually need a reason to buy shoes?"
  • *sigh* "Why must Coach put their logo on every damn purse they make?!"
  • "Maddy only bites you when you're typing; if you just pet her, she's fine."
  • "Should we tell Guy this isn't actually meat?"
  • "The only reason they never show Jim Cantore below the waist when he's on TV is because he's got a stiffy watching horrible weather form."
  • "Dammit, you called me over here to hug me just so I'd walk into your fart."
Guy, bless his heart, pretty much stays out of our way when Kitty is here. While he gets long fine with his siblings as an adult, he doesn't have near the close relationship that Kitty and I do. Come to think of it, few people have the close, unique relationship that Kitty and I do. After Kitty and I cried a little last night about neither of us wanting her to go home just yet, Guy saw me going to bed and asked why my eyes were so red. For a split second I was offended that he even had to ask.

Thing is, the normal, banal stuff we did (going to Sam's Club, cooking dinner, reading magazines and drinking Aveda Tea) was just as fun if not more fun that the unusual, fun, girly stuff we did (shopping, going to the spa). It was a delight just to sit around and attempt to pet Hazel as she finally got used to Kitty's presence and would occasionally stroll by. I know I'll get to go see her in about two months, when I come to her college to guest lecture for her colleague's class, but still I wept bitter tears as I dropped her off at the top ramp of DIA and yet more tears came as I drove the long highway back to Denver, my passenger seat empty for the first time in seven days.

May cannot come soon enough. I love you Kitty.


Charlotte said...

Aw, I'm loving all this sisterly affection you guys have for each other! I don't have a sister, so I can only observe from a far.

Mile High Pixie said...

Word up, Charlotte. You can join in da lurrve vicariously, it's all good.

Miss Kitty said...

Ohhhhh! Um wuv you too, EBBK! MWAH!