Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I feel like chili tonight

My sister, Miss Kitty, made black bean chili tonight for dinner. This was beyond delightful; Guy and I arrived home at 5:20 to spicy, yummy smells and frantic kitties--"Something smells good and Aunt Kitteh won't let us have any!" sort of meows were coming from Maddy and Hazel. (Hazel is even warming up to her Aunt Kitty--we don't get a lot of visitors, so it's good to see Hazel getting used to someone and even getting within 18 inches of a stranger.) Kitty served the chili with shredded Mexican-blend cheese, light sour cream...and Fritos. Oh, Fritos. I suddenly felt about seven years old again, and Kitty was making sure I got enough Fritos because I was too short to reach the bag on the table. Ahh, pure comfort.

Last night we went to Whole Foods and walked around. No, seriously, we walked up and down every aisle of Whole Foods, just to see what all they have. Kitty's hometown is a bit on the provincial side, and they're lucky if they even have one of the big three (Kroger, Publix, or Albertson's). We drooled over the bulk foods, were dazzled by the bakery and deli section, and even got Mom a few surprises from the store.

Tonight is just sitting around, reading and watching Weather Channel. Guy is off at his pool league, kitties are milling about, tummies are full, two sisters are happy.


ms. kitty said...

Glad the sister-time is going so well. Isn't Whole Foods an incredible place? Too bad it's all so darned expensive, though fabulous.

Wilderness Gina said...

PROVINCIAL??!!!!! You call this place PROVINCIAL? Hell no.
Welcome to L--G. Please set your clock back 50 years (or more if you're at all Liberal.)

Charlotte said...

I'm glad you're having a great time with your sis.