Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sister Act

If you spend any time over at my sister's blog, you know she's here right now. Which is one reason why I haven't posted jack squat in a while. That and when I got back from Vegas, the defecation was hitting the oscillation both with MHRC and with two new high-school interns in the office. While trying to fix a variety of minor shitstorms, one of the senior associates in the office called me Wednesday afternoon from a meeting--the new high-school interns he agreed to sponsor at our office were coming to the office any minute now and he was stuck in a meeting and could I handle them and give them some introduction and something to do? I scrambled and was minorly annoyed/angry--I had my own shit to do and wasn't even remotely prepared to handle this. Fortunately, I had a folder with some old activities in it from when I managed high school interns six years ago. I met them and kept them occupied for two hours, and again all day Thursday.

I find myself becoming the mother hen for these interns, both shy girls, and the associate/sponsor guy in our office has admitted to everyone involved that he begged me to take on that role. While MHRC is quieting down a bit because of construction progress, when questions come up they must be dealt with RIGHT NOW and no waiting. Hence, mentoring children is harder to do than it looks. It doubly bothers me that I've tried over and over to keep from volunteering/getting sucked into mentoring again, and here I find myself sucked in. Dammit.

Well, at least I'll have my best friend to keep me company and lean on for a week. And I'm taking Friday off to hang out with her before she leaves on Saturday afternoon. Word.


Anonymous said...

We are sorry your vacation did not turn out as planned...but hopefully you will be able to make it up some time soon. The "mentoring children is harder to do than it looks" comment made me think of my situation with my own daughter. We still struggle but it has its moments. I only have to deal with one, so when you say "them" it makes me cringe. I understand, but hang in there girlfriend. Tell Guy and your sis we said Hi! STL Fan

Charlotte said...

"the defecation was hitting the oscillation "
Out of all the things I've read of yours, I think this phrase is my favorite. :)

BaxtersMum said...

Damn. Wish I were there. We could go out and be silly together!!!

Take good care of Miss K - she needs some TLC.

me and baxter

Mile High Pixie said...

Hey STL Fan! Good to hear from you. Guy has pretty much recovered,a nd I too think we need a do-over on the trip. In the meantime, I've managed to foist the interns off on others in the office, mostly.

Charlotte: Glad you like it--I like the thin veneer of politeness of that one.

Bax: You're coming out here next time for the fun!!1!