Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Righteous, y'all.

It's a nice, quiet morning here in Small Town, and I can't help but enjoy the coolness of the air, the quiet, almost subliminal brrkbrrkbrrkbrrk of Myrtle Mae outside, the thumping of kittehs around the HKC, Davy's asthmatic/fat kitty wheezing, the taste of good Newman's Own coffee, and the feeling of having rocked the chirrens in Linda Lou's class.

Not only did I manage to get the lecture to run 75 minutes and still ahve time to grade/discuss the slides of the different buildings (an exercise I will repeat on this blog in the extreme near future), I got good questions and even several laughs out of the classes. The morning class seemed more on it than the afternoon class (which isn't always the case), but they were good nonetheless, and only one person fell asleep in each class of 20+ students. Consider them rokked.

I also can't imagine how Miss Kitty and Linda Lou do this every day. I mean, the preparation is one thing entirely. Holy fucking shit, that's a lot of work. But then the sore throat--ecccckkkhhh! My throat is seriously sore and scratchy from talking 2 x 90 minutes. It hurt yesterday afternoon to the point that my ears hurt like I had some kind of sinus/respiratory infection. Sadly, Dumbass here did not get any of the tea that Wandering Author suggested, so here I am, rocked me like a hurricane, scratchy throat and all. Fortunately, Kitty had some errands to run and appointments to keep, so she dropped me off at a nearby mall for about an hour. I took the opportunity to get a large iced latte and a magazine and be quiet and read while resting my feet, which looked extremely cute in my cute shoes but were killing me after standing in them for 3 hours, not including all the other time I spent standing and walking in them. But I looked fantastic, if I do say so myself.

This morning will be a quiet morning, and in a few hours Kitty will have to take me to the airport, whereupon she'll probably go home and take a nap; we haven't been getting much sleep, what with all the sisterness up in heauh, up in heauh. Hell, we didn't get to bed until 2am last night. So, we'll hang out, enjoy some coffee and oatmeal and kittehs and each other, then go back to our boring, pedestrain lives.

And plan for our next visit. [evil finger tenting]


ms. kitty said...

Glad you had such a good time, Pixie! It does sound like you did a great job---and to look fantastic too! What a coup!

Miss Kitty said...

There will have to be a Shopping Day built in next time. The Most Awesome Little Store on the Square in Small Town is calling our names.