Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wrapping up and cranking up

It's been a long-ass, busy-ass week. Helping Dame Judith with a couple of things, a couple of deadlines, and hosting the high school interns' final presentation and lunch. They had great projects, the two of them, and it's so interesting to see what they come up with when you say, "Here's a site, here are a few parameters, go for it!" Also, because the two of them have different interests (one wasnt to be an architect, the other wants to be an interior designer), their projects end up showcasing their strengths by emphasizing materials over exterior or experience on the site versus interior materials. Really, really cool. And yesterday, I attended a sponsorship appreciation reception, at which the keynote speaker kept talking about how wonderful it was that we all donate and take our time to mentor these young students. I sank a little lower in my seat as I remembered how overly-busy I was for most of the semester and felt a certain amount of guilt. I couldn't help but feel proud, though, as both of my/DA's interns received awards for exceptional experience/leadership/awesomeness. I got good kids, and I just wish I hadn't been so fucking busy so I could've given them the learning experience that they really deserved. Their parents were at their presentation today, though, and they kept telling me how excited the girls had been all semester, how they never had problems getting out of bed because they were coming here, how every conversation started with "Omigod, i did the coolest thing at DA today!", how often they heard great things about the people at DA taking time to show them stuff about their presentations and work. So, perhaps the time wasn't wasted after all. I can only hope.

Meanwhile, I leave early on Saturday morning to go to Georgia for four days of teaching and goofing around with my sister. I know it'll be fun, but I'm freaking a little about my lecture. I keep practicing it, and it's still running 90 minutes. I've GOT to trim it down. However, it also occurred to me that I'm practicing it at night when I'm exhausted after running four miles and working a full day. Seeing as how work is getting light here lately, I think I might start feeling sick around 11am and maybe leave around noon. That'll give me a chance to go home and practice my lecture when I've got some energy. And pack.

Oooh! I can wear my Kenneth Cole wrap dress and my tiger print-magenta pumps! Boo-yah!


ms. kitty said...

Have a great time in Georgia, Pixie, and tell Miss K hi from me. By the way, Maxie came back home late last night.

BaxtersMum said...

have fun, girl. Give Kitteh a hug from her sistah in spirit in the desert SW.


Mile High Pixie said...

Rev Kit: Yayz! I'm glad Maxie came home. I was truly concerned and hopeful for you both.

Bax: Word up. Mad word up that we need to come see you. Don't forget October!