Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Mile High Year in Review

Workwise, I spent a lot of time bored in meetings.

We went to Bishop's Castle in south central Colorado for a Memorial Day Weekend trip.

We spent time in the southwestern corner of Colorado over Memorial Day weekend as well.

I grew a fantastic garden on my balcony...

...where Maddy lolled and also spent time healing from her diagnosis of abdominal lymphosarcoma.

Otherwise, it's been pretty quiet. I should be traveling from Atlanta to Denver today, and upon my arrival Guy and I will head to the mountains to join a coworker of Guy's for some time in the mountains, doing a little skiing and goofing off.

Hope everyone has a great and blessed 2009. Hopefully the new year will bring us all good/better/great things, like more projects and more chances for snarkitecture.

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2H said...

If with mists of evening dew
Thou dost nourish these young flowers
Till they grow in scent and hue
Fairest children of the Hours,
Breath thine influence most divine
On thine own child, Proserpine.


with input from Shelley